See underground infrastructure and simplify maintenance

GISmanager transforms traditional flat GIS data while overcoming the barriers of 2D world mapping technology, bringing GIS data into 3D world.

GISmanager displays data from Esri ArcGIS or Geoserver to deliver all the right information on one screen, connecting the physical and digital world.

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As Enterprise Asset Management specialists, GISmanager delivers integration of innovative augmented and mixed reality technology with EAM and GIS systems. By utilizing AR/MR technology we created a powerful advanced tool for interpreting and visualizing spatial and asset data from backend systems with centimeter grade accuracy.

The solution supports the transformation of traditional GIS data into AR/MR solution, enabling visualization of assets data (from EAM) and spatial data (from GIS) on the field with the extended option of adding EAM data and real-time data from sensorics (SCADA, IoT).

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Where is the line? Augmented reality is the future for all-size enterprises everywhere, which especially goes for asset-intensive industries like energy & utilities. Knowing the position of underground infrastructure is one of the most important and most challenging tasks in ensuring an uninterruptible supply. After completion of construction, power cables and pipelines aren’t visible on the surface. And after some time, even the most experienced employees can no longer answer the question of ‘where is the line?’

Augmented reality (AR) is quickly gaining ground as a solution for visualizing spatial data in the field for managing underground infrastructure. GISmanager handle plus can also have a big impact on cost reduction and operational efficiency, through superimposing real-time information using AR on top of real-world assets. It enables field workers to get a real-time data on the operational frontline, helping them to perform their tasks effectively and without interruptions by managing workflow.

Underground utilities locating is an important process to identify buried utility facilities for inspection and maintenance purposes. With GISmanager, you can visualize your underground utility infrastructure and above the ground access points as you tour a work area. Water pipes and sewage systems appear in your field of view as a natural extension of the real world. This instantly creates awareness of your surroundings, saving time and helping avoid costly mistakes.

Telecommunication companies are working hard to keep abreast with the evolving market, which involves keeping costs low and efficiency high. All that and the problem of arranging an inspection of telecommunication equipment can be resolved by applying augmented reality (AR). The possibility of visualizing inventory in a shaft and getting all the needed connected content and information. With the help of AR and GIS systems, on field technicians to see where the issues are in real time, which enables them to create a proactive plan of action instead of a reactive one.



A tool that puts the power of geographic information system (GIS) data and asset data in the hands of workers, on the field where it is most needed.


Making sure there are no surprises when it comes to smooth work process.


With visualization, workers can check and report the accuracy of existing spatial data - assets and infrastructure.


Visualize underground infrastructure prior to excavation, to avoid unnecessary damage caused by uncertain location information.


With underground infrastructure in your field of view, there are no surprises when it comes to smooth work process.


Locate underground infrastructure on smart glasses, tablet or your smart phone.

All your data in one place

The GISmanager handle plus solution combines spatial data from the GIS system and enriches it with technical information from enterprise asset management solutions, thus combining key data needed in real time by workers and field techicians. With the help of the innovative GISmanager handle plus application, we enable workers to locate infrastructure faster, gain better spatial awareness and perform work the field safer.




Visualization of GIS data for underground infrastructure and assets

Augmented reality offers real-time, high-accuracy display of underground infrastructure on top of your physical job site. GISmanager handle plus uses standard mobile device to help you locate needed underground assets quickly and make sure the field workers have a easy-to-use tool, always at their reach. The full range of asset-related data becomes available to field workers, to enrich their ability to analyze assets and determine action.

Visualization of above ground infrastructure

The functionalities of GISmanager do not end at visualization of underground infrastructure. The solution can be adapted to check designed infrastructure on terrain. TROIA augmented and mixed reality solution enables a presentation of construction projects for workers and key stakeholders, and also enables easy monitoring of the progress of construction in a clear, transparent, and understandable way.


Handle Plus
  • TROIA GNSS device
    with centimeter grade accuracy
  • Software license GISmanager
  • Email technical support messages with responses in 1 business day

Hololens 2
  • TROIA GNSS device
    with centimeter grade accuracy
  • Software license GISmanager
  • Email technical support messages with responses in 1 business day

Enterprise licensing
  • TROIA GNSS device
    with handheld or Hololens 2
  • Software license GISmanager
  • Email technical support messages with responses in 1 business day

It is all about

Reducing human errors


Reducing costs


Saving time on work processes


Faster infrastructure and asset locates



Augmented reality is beginning to have an impact in business contexts, as a wider range of enterprises pilot and adopt AR capabilities. Companies who understand that adopting new technologies is a must, are quickly making the step and many are already reporting results of increased productivity, reduced accident rates, and better cost effectiveness.
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Company TROIA, d.o.o., is active in the development and implementation of advanced IT solutions. Our team has been implementing enterprise asset management projects on the highest level and has over 20 years of extensive experience in all major industries, including energy & utilities, banking, pharmaceutical, and many more in Slovenia, SE Europe, Baltic, and the DACH region. Troia has the highest IBM partner status for IMB Maximo implementation and a team of over 30 experts for IBM Maximo implementations. We pride ourselves in being one of the first companies to successfully implement Maximo AHI (Asset Health Index), having completed a substantial number of Maximo Anywhere implementations as well as integrating IBM Maximo with many other systems (GIS, Microsoft AX...). To top it off, we also connected our knowledge and work with IBM Maximo to our own development of AR/MR solutions. The key mission is to help enterprises improve asset management processes and get field workers a tool that puts the power of GIS data and asset data in their hands, in the field where it is most needed.

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